Our team at the AGinstitute

Roxanne Cloete webRoxanne Kreutle

Media & Business Specialist

Based in Germany and Cape Town

Armed with a degree in Media & Business from the University of London coupled with several years’ business and media experience in South Africa and the UK.
Ran successful presentations, projects, campaigns and events. Managing press releases and conducting radio interviews linked to projects and campaigns.

 Core Expertise

  • Solid knowledge in presentations, expo management, social media strategy, project management and campaign planning.
  • Business experience in UK and South Africa.
  • Working in upper management for Africa`s largest media company.

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WhatsApp: +27 (0) 84 852 1447
Phone: +49 (0) 172 69 68 829

AGinstitute - Michael Kreutle

BIld MK 2018 webseite

Michael Kreutle

Marketing Manager & Certified Business Coach

Based in Germany and Cape Town
Comprehensive experience in Sales, Marketing and Business Coaching.

Born and educated in Germany,.
After working in Sales and Marketing in different companies he moved to South America to develop the market there for a German company.  He was based in Argentina and Brazil.
Back in Germany, as Marketing Director he developed and installed Product Management tools, organized various fairs worldwide and was teamleader at the merger of 2 companies regarding outbound and inbound communication.

In 2002 he started to work independanetly as Consultat for Sales and as Business Coach.

Experience and Responsibilites

  • Responsable Sales Manager in South America.
  • Innercompany consultant for branch in the US.
  • Various sales projects in different industries.
  • Short-term generation of turnovers in financially unstable companies.
  • Development of sales strategies and restructuring internal sales porganisations.
  • Implementation of systematic sales process. (Sales can be learned)
  • Development of inbound and outbound communication.


  • Marketing-Manager / BDV.
  • Rewarded as "Best German Salesman" in 1988.
  • Certificate as Business Coach at Kempten University of Applied Sciences.
  • Speaking fluently English, Spanish and Portuguese.
  • Emotional Intelligence & Personal Skills at Dr. Mark Baker
  • Leadership at Prof. Dr. Christoph Dejardins
  • Communication ati Dr. Frank Hofmann
  • Marketing at Prof. Wolfgang M. Nitsche

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Also available by phone.
Germany: +49 172 696 882 9


AGinstitute - Mark Peters

mark petersMark Peters

Business Strategy Specialist

Based in Johannesburg.

Born and educated in Ireland.
After working as a Banker, in 1985 he obtained a grant scholarship with the Ford Foundation in the US to research the financing of samll business and community development based in South Africa. Realization was done directly with Social Investment Banks in 12 countries over 30 months.

In 1988 he jojined Wits Business School´s Centre for Developing Business as Programme Director and consultant in all sub Saharan Africa

Experience and Functions

  • Programe Director at Wits Business School for Developing Business in all Sub Saharan Africa.
  • Managing Director of The Graduate Institute of Management and Technology.
  • Director of Henley Management College and Lead Tutor in Marketing.
  • Independent Faculty member for Solstice, GSB, USB and Duke.
  • Visiting professor of Strategy at Kempten University and NUST.
  • Board Member of listed and unlisted companies and organisations as diverse as Community Bank, South African Council Of Churches and Holy Rosary School.
  • Case teaching Scholarship at Harvard Business School in 2008.


  • MBA, with Distinction, from Brunel and Henley Management College UK (Henley´s top student in 1997.
  • Graduate Diploma in Company Direction, Finance, HR, IR, and PDM (UK)
  • MASA Chartered Marketer designation.
  • IEDP from London Business School.

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Also available by phone: +27 (0) 82 311 9118